Immigrant Population Grows in D.C.’s Suburbs

While immigration has slowed nationwide, it’s increasing in the D.C. area, which came in third for metro region with the most foreign-born population growth since 2005. But many immigrants are opting to settle in the suburbs rather than in the District, where 13.5 percent of residents are immigrants.

D.C.’s immigrant population is complex. More than half of nationalized citizens living in the District at least have a bachelor’s degree. Since 1990, poor Latinos (not all of whom are immigrants) are becoming more concentrated in the suburbs and less so in the city, partly due to gentrification.

Fueled by that economic motivation, more than one of every five of the region’s 5.6 million residents were not born on U.S. soil. Of that group, 40 percent came from Latin American countries, 35 percent from Asian nations, 14 percent from Africa and 9 percent from Europe.

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